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We are finally up and running! Yall have no idea how hard I worked to get everything up and running ON TIME! I am so excited for the new journey that I'm embarking on with this series! Thank you for all your support thus far! ALL of the Ghetto Bible Tales videos(old) are now LIVE on Youtube.

New episodes and content will begin posting on June 5th and from then on you will get a new Ghetto Bible Tale every Sunday and Wednesday!

You can catch the audio version of the show on Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts, and even Spotify or wherever you stream audio!!! Click HERE for that!

If you enjoy the show please join the mailing list HERE so you can be updated on when new episodes of the podcast are posted as well as giveaways and more! You can also use the request form at the bottom of this site to request topics that you'd like for me to discuss in future episodes!!! If you're interested in seeing how episodes are made, you can watch behind-the-scenes footage on my personal YouTube channel HERE! Once again, thanks for the support! Bigger and better things are coming, I promise!

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