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Ghetto Bible Tales

What is it? How did it start?

My name is Jerrica and I retell bible stories in a comical way. The goal is to make you laugh while teaching you about God and to make learning the bible less intimidating. We laugh but we learn too! ​Ghetto Bible Tales was first launched on my private Facebook page on October 25, 2015 with a retelling of David & Bathsheba. The video quickly became popular on my private page amongst family and friends so I decided to do more videos. By 2018 I stopped doing the videos because my relationship with God had changed and I rejected my calling. However, in 2022 I accepted that this was my purpose and calling that God had over my life. Because of this I returned to the series and took it further by launching a podcast! The retellings of these stories aren't meant to offend. I'm just putting a humorous twist on an old book. I hope that you all like the Ghetto Bible Tales and that it helps you learn more about God and Christ!

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